Small Business Owner, your are not alone!

Plitz is the Marketing firm for Small Businesses, because we create packages and strategies for those without a Marketing department.

All solutions in one place, with the same agency

Outsource your Marketing team

We take care of you, so you take care of your customers


How Do We Help Small Business?

Small Business website

Web Design and Hosting

We will build a unique website, with personalized design and layout for your small business, hosted in a private and secure server managed by Plitz. Even if you have a website, we will redesign it by creating the site that will impact your customers.
Small business online reputation

Connect and Engage

Plitz will make sure your small business will be found on the internet, but the work won’t stop there. We will use tactics to make a sure conversion, from leads and prospects to customers. We will create your positive and strong online reputation.
Small business customer service

Traffic and Sales Growth

Our strategies are planned for constant growth. Our agency will work in customer service on your behalf, creating referral programs and reaching out to your current clients to promote renewals, re-purchase, new sales and small business positioning.
small business responsive website

100% Responsive

Your small business will reach any platform and device.
small business maintenance service

Website Updates

Upload new content any time you need, our small business plans include this option.
small business technology

Modern Technology

We will keep the platform and softwares updated to ensure functionality.
small business security

Secured Servers

Our servers are secured, and we include SSL certificates on all our hosting plans.
analytics for small business

Reports and Analytics

You will receive monthly reports about your website and our work.
small business network

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Your website will be delivery through a secured network to improve speed.
small business web company

Unique Designs and layouts

All our website are custom developed and designed. No templates.
small business domain

Unlimited Domains

Our services include one domain, and you can add as many as you want for a low price.
small business website back up

Backups and Uptime

We are always monitoring your website, and in case something happen, we are prepared.


Small Business Strategies


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Choose the plan you want and you will be taken to the Customer Area.

Type the domain

Use the domain you want, whether you need a new one, you are transferring, or use your an existing one.

Choose your billing period

Depending on the term you want, choose 3 or 6 months on Hosting plan and eMarketing with Plitz[Mia].

Review your Site Plan

Make sure the website plan is the right one you need. Add extras if you want or just click on the Continue Button.

Review and Checkout

Review your plan is correct and check-out. You will have to create an account to manage your service and payments.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why billing periods?
The payments on our plans are billed quarterly or semi-annually because our intention is not just create websites, but to create your online presence and reputation, something that no one tells to small business owners about starting a website.

With this billing periods we can guarantee performance and a faster ROI (Return Of Investment).

What happen if those prices are to high for me?
If you like our small business plans, but your budget is small, we are here to help, make payment arrangements, using the next table:

Business Online 1 Business Online 2 eCommerce Plan 1 eCommerce Plan 2
$1,000/a month $800/a month $1,800/a month $1,400/a month

You will have to sign a contract for the same period you choose. The first time you will have to pay the first month and a setup fee of $350.

How can I apply for payment arrangement?
If you prefer to make monthly payments, you will have to send your request to with the next documentation:

  1. EIN Number or Tax ID
  2. Proof of business address
  3. Business name and type (eg. S Corp)
  4. Business owner information (Name, address, title, age, personal email, SSN)
  5. Specify method of payments you prefer (Credit Card automatic charge, check payments, cash)

One of our representatives will contact you with the result, and if you are approved, the instructions to proceed with the process.

Why Plitz created this kind of plans?
For some small business owners these plans may seem complicated, expensive, unnecessary or even hard to get.

We created this plans because nobody tell you that a website it’s just the beginning, people won’t find you if you don’t promote your website and show the Search Engines that you are real and serious.

Imagine somebody pay just $800 – $1200 for a cheap website with a freelance or web company that are just focused on websites. You only get 1-5 visitors a day, and even days without 0 visits. Studies shows that your investment, even being low, will return in 2 – 4 years. And you still have to pay for hosting and domain renewal every year and you website is getting old.

What if a small business owner get one of our plans, and start getting 1,000 – 5,000 visits a month, and of those you get a 10% to 20% return in sales. Depending on your industry, your investment will be pay even before your period ends, with a guaranteed increased in sales and profit.

When can I get my website files?
If you want to move your website to another hosting service, or if you need the web files for any other reason, you will receive them right after the website has been finished and we received the full payment of your plan.
What is the advantage of paying the plan in full?
All our plans have a special discount applied already to help small business in their digital adventure, if you compared the table of monthly payments you will see you are saving hundreds of dollar.

Other advantage is that, when you pay in full, we won’t charge setup fee.

Let’s say you pay with your credit card, and you have 0 interest for certain period of time, you can pay your plan with your Credit Card and save that extra amount, and with our fast ROI you will be able to save.

How much and how I pay my plan renewal?
In the pricing table above, you see how much you will pay for each plan after the first period. Remember that you will need to renew your hosting to keep your website live and we recommend to continue with the Digital Marketing Strategy.

The payments will be made in the same billed period you choose, so we can keep the small business discounts.

When the time of renew has come, you will see your investment is worthwhile.

Are these plans guaranteed?
Yes, in order to create this plans we have studied the market and the behavior of the digital world.

Our confidence is high; therefore, if we don’t perform after the period you contracted, we will give you 3 or 6 more months free, depending on your plan, or until we perform.

Small Business
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What They’re Saying

Other Small Business Testimonials

I’ve worked with Norman and the Plitz Corporation for well over a year. His work is impeccable and always on time! He is consistent in his communication and is a man of integrity. I appreciate his honesty and there is no concern regarding mixed messages. I so appreciate being able to work with him and have zero concern for any work getting done. Highly recommended!!! Jude Sullivan

Business Owner, The Fitness Pastor

Norman from the Plitz Corporation is a very talented, diligent and considerate web development professional. I always get top quality results within a few hours to a couple of days. Norman follows requests on the first request when it comes to design requirements for a website. Time is never wasted and it’s a great experience watching websites develop when working with Norman. Eric Wiley

Plitz has created around 15 websites

Plitz Corp did a great job from initial contact to tutoring for running my web site . Norman very patient and creative. Great job! Stephen Fellerman

Blow Glass Artist, Fellerman Glass

Norman is the best, he knows what he’s doing, he’s committed, he gives 1000%, his work is high end and he’s always working to give you the best he can in anything he does. Lauri Blumstein

Owner, L&L Hair Products Inc

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Small Business Support

Visit our Client’s Area and open a ticket for support or any other inquiry. Our team is always ready.

Plitz Garantee for Small Business

If we don’t perform in the period you contract, we will work for you for FREE until we give you the results we promised.

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